By no means is this show new, however just wrapping up it’s 3rd season, it might be one of the most hilarious and ridiculous shows I have ever watched. I would compare the writing with Lena Dunham’s Girls, however there is very little plot line as many of the episodes consist of three bros mossing out and doing dumb shit. The writers also star as the main characters and were previously in a comedy group before being picked up by Comedy Central in 2010. I can relate to the these characters party life style and not wanting to grow up just because its the responsible thing to do, however some of the trouble they get into is just next level. Too many classic one-liners to quote, and constantly keeping me in stitches, this show has become my new addiction and it must see for any 20 something trying to figure the world out one mistake at a time.  So, do yourself a favour at watch it!

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