Those of you who love a good flea market have most likely checked out, or at least heard of the Junction Flea Market that takes place at Keele and Dundas every second Sunday of the month. If you haven’t, check it out here! The West End has always been full of great events such as this, a magnet for the hipster youth of this fine city. But where’s the love for all of us kickin’ it east of Yonge?

East Enders can now take a break from their long held jealousy – what used to be a long Sunday of endless TTC travel is over. Leslieville has just announced they will be holding their own Flea Market, and for the keeners out there, the Leslieville Flea Marketing will be held on the third Sunday of each month, so you can make it to both! Starting June 16th, it will take place behind the Duke from 10AM – 3PM. See here for more info.

So, hipsters unite! Let’s take some of our dollars, previously set aside for a few more rounds of PBRs and buy some vinyl, and vintage clothing.

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