I still cannot believe this…

So there has been a lot of buzz going on since Sunday evening to sign this petition against a Walmart going up in Kensington market and so far around 58,000 people have signed it (and if you havent please do so here).

Long story short, RioCan wants to build a 3 story Walmart at the corner of Bathurst and Nassau in what I believe to be one of the most culturally stimulating and eclectic areas in Toronto. The zoning proposals have been turned away from city council once before but RioCan is aggressively trying to make this plan happen and is not backing down without a fight. So please, take the two seconds to fill this petition out, post it on all your social media outlets, so this nightmare does not become a reality.

One response to “IS WALMART FOR REALZ?

  1. This absolutely canNOT happen!

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