ImageMy never-ending desire for sushi started in university when hamburgers and pizza stopped being sufficient for my hungry, hungover belly. Unfortunately for my waist line, Fuji all-you-can-eat sushi opened in Guelph and believe me, I ate my hearts content. Now that I have (slightly) matured, I no longer crave never ending spicy salmon rolls or questionable items such as beef ribs and asian chicken wings (or and 6 scoops of vanilla ice-cream).

Koja in Liberty Village might not look like much from the outside, but it has by far the most tasty sushi I have ever eaten. I have yet to stray from my regular spicy tuna and spicy tempura roll which winds up being around $25. They use purple rice which is sweeter and softer than traditional white rice, sprinkle seaweed powder on top of all their rolls to give an added salty flavour so you don’t have to go so hard on the soya sauce and present the rolls so beautifully it’s almost too nice to eat. I went their for lunch at 1:00 and I am currently still in food coma but delightfully satisfied.

Some things to note- the portions are HUGE so you will never need more than 2 rolls. Secondly, their service is kind and friendly however super slow. If you are in a rush, order out because you will be waiting for a while. Thirdly, their name from the outside looks like SUSHI & BIBIMBOP and Koja is in the tiny corner, so make sure you are going to the right place.

For the menu click here and enjoy some yummy soosh-magoosh.

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