Saturday marked my third and final day of NXNE. It was a slow start to the day, but a couple caesars with extra horseradish at Hair of the Dog on Church Street had me ready to go again. We even caught a glimpse of the Naked Bike Ride that was taking place. To the guy riding the Bixi Bike – not cool man.

We Are Scientists @ Yonge Dundas Square
Apart of the unexpectedly hot sun Saturday, it was a great show. This is the first I had ever heard of their songs, but what I heard I liked. The band even had some quippy back-and-forth going during the show which made it feel personal, besides YDS being such a large venue to play at.

Sarah Harmer @ Luminato
Not part of NXNE, Sarah Harmer was playing an outdoor show that I had no idea about. I happened to be walking along King and heard music coming from nearby. We wandered over to see what was going on, and there she was! I love Sarah Harmer, and she finished the show off with one of my favourite songs “Oleander”. Such a great surprise!

Paper Lions @ Danforth Music Hall
Going on at 9, the venue was bound to be slightly empty, but even with a slightly underwhelming crowd size, Paper Lions put on a great show. They’ve got an awesome repertoire of catchy indie rock/pop songs that you can’t help but dance to.

Dinosaur Bones @ Danforth Music Hall
I have to admit, that after seeing so many shows, they kind of all just blend together, but I got my dance on, so thats always a good sign. And to my surprise, the bands drummer is a guy I went to high school with and had a mega crush on.

Wintersleep @ Danforth Music Hall
Great showed. They played a few of my favourite songs, and for once, the set lasted more than 40 minutes. They played for just over an hour, and I was loving every minute of it. I also wasn’t complaining about the Moosehead reps wandering around with free beer coupons throughout the night. I ended up with so many I couldn’t use them all.

Mickey Avalon @ Lee’s Palace
This show was crazy. Having prostituted himself to pay for his drug addiction while still a teenager, Mickey Avalon is a guy who means business. He finished of with an encore performance of “My Dick” and everyone went nuts. Seriously awesome show.

I had great intentions to either wake up Sunday to see a few final NXNE shows, or head out to Burlington to check out a friend’s band at Sound of Music. My body however was having none of that, and I spent most of my day in bed.

Bedtime: 4AM?
Hours of sleep: I stayed in bed til 3PM on Sunday…

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