Summer is upon us, thus music festivals are top of mind. These events host such a wide variety of musical talent so it is virtually impossible to go home unsatisfied or unimpressed. We’ve heard the past weekend at Bonnaroo was amazing and full with fringe, hippies, top notch performances (including Sir Paul McCartney himself) and we hope to make the trip to Tennessee next year!

After planning travel and accommodations, the next logical thing to worry about it what to wear and IRV picked our favorite styles and made some logical and easy steps to follow to ensure you’re suited for the occasion. Above are some serious babes celebs (Alessandra, Kate and Whitney) who really nailed the perfect festival look and it inspired us to put two looks together that we will be rocking at Osheaga this August. Here are some tricks to think about about:


1. Jean Shorts – So basically its hard to go wrong with a pair of high wasted, destroyed denim jeans and the good thing is that they are available EVERYWHERE. If you are feeling all creative and such, pick up a pair of old Levis from VV and make a pair for ~$6 and you will be feeling like a rock star in no time.

2. Sunnies – I highly recommend leaving your favorite Ray Bans safely at home and opting in for some cheapie cheapie and outrageous shades that can be picked up in Kensington market for 2/$15 (my favorite are the heart glasses).

3. Tops – Its guaranteed to be hot so try and wear the least amount of clothing you are comfortable with. This includes pairing a fun bather with a wicked shall/knit top and cropped crocheted tanks work well too. Basically have fun with it, anything really goes!

4. Accessories – Headdresses are my favorite accessory and I think they should be mandatory, end of story. Backpacks/fanny packs are sometime a good idea if you’ve got lots to carry around. As for shoes, think about it logically here- sometimes rain boots are the only thing that will work, so leave your cute booties and sandals at home. Flip flops? Maybe not the best idea as you will be doing a ton of walking and hopefully some dancin’ so make sure you have a secure shoe (as long as they are not Tevas).

Here are some other people that get a style high-five whos looks we be luvin’.

tumblr_mnjdy8E6rm1r7csojo1_500 tumblr_mlb2w9hJD01r7csojo1_500 tumblr_mlfkfhKICP1qglum9o1_400 tumblr_mkska4OGa11qigui6o1_500 love

2 responses to “FASHION & FESTIVALS

  1. Love this so much! The last kimono is awesome!
    Maybe checkout the giveaway on my blog at
    Would love for you to enter! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the comment! We will definitely checkout your blog!

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