We all know that eating healthy is important to keep our bodies going and eating local is important for our environment and economy so above, I give you the Ontario food bible. I am no expert but I ask, have you had an Ontario strawberry recently? It’s the most delicious thing in the entire world!

Over the next 2 month, there is going to be so much variety available to us and this food is not grown 100s of KM away and shipped prematurely. These veggies and fruits get a chance to grow naturally and rippen on the tree/vine like they are suppost to.  This is the time to try making something you havent tried before because in season veggies are the bomb-diggity. And if you are no Bobbie Flay in the kitchen, just toss some of these veggies in olive oil and S&P and throw them on BBQ for 10min.

Check out here to see BlogTO’s best Toronto markets. 

This is also the first post my mom approves of…

One response to “LOCAL IS BETTER

  1. this is great! it’s so wonderful to eat local and in season!!!!

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