I am a little fringe obsessed. Though frige looks the most smashing in the fall, there

multiple ways to wear this fabulous style year round and look like a rock star. Leather

and suedes are a little heavy for these hot months, but lighter cottons, bathing suits and accessories look dynamite and are easy to find all over the place (TopShop, H&M, Zara).

If you are looking for the polish look, you may have trouble fitting fringe into your outfit as it is typically grungy, unsophisticated and looks like you don’t follow all the rules. Granted there are definite acceptions but celeb fashionistas that rep the most frige are Rhianna and Kesha so I think thats saying something.

The one piece of advice we give to rock this wild child look is don’t over do it. Rocking the FRINGE on FRINGE on FRINGE looks like you just ran you outfit through a paper shredder and that ain’t cute. Reping that one piece will give you an edge and get you noticed especially if you are so bold to make that one statement piece a pair of leather fringe-tastic chaps.

Black lace top – $23 –
River Island suede fringe jacket $230 –
River Island fringe motorcycle jacket $46 –
Rag & Bone knit shorts $750 –
Coco s Fortune fringe kimono $39 –
Leather crossbody
Etro cashmere scarve

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