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I am a little fringe obsessed. Though frige looks the most smashing in the fall, there

multiple ways to wear this fabulous style year round and look like a rock star. Leather

and suedes are a little heavy for these hot months, but lighter cottons, bathing suits and accessories look dynamite and are easy to find all over the place (TopShop, H&M, Zara).

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IVR consider ourselves social twerkers.

North West & Rockies Fashion

g00d lord…

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These four guys have potentially landed the world’s best job. Continue reading



Recently introduced to this band, Rhye has become a favorite to play in the background of doing virtually almost everything. Continue reading



We all know that eating healthy is important to keep our bodies going and eating local is important for our environment and economy so above, I give you the Ontario food bible. Continue reading


Meet Lorde – the 16 year old Kiwi, Ella Yelich-O’Connor. She released her first EP online back in December 2012, and “Tennis Courts” is her newest single. “Royals” debuted as #1 on the New Zealand Top 40 on March 15th 2013, and  stayed there for 3 weeks. Don’t forget, she accomplished this while still attending Tacapuna Grammar School on Aukland’s north shore. Basically, this girl is seriously rad (and check out that hair!).

After spending a month there last winter, I’ve got serious love for all things Kiwi. Check out these other equally rad New Zealand native bands:

Six60 – a rock band from the South Island town of Dunedin – a huge reminder of my time in New Zealand.
The Ruby Suns – a kiwi indie band that’s been around for almost a decade!
The Vietnam War – a little bit country, perfect campfire listenings.


Out August 6th, ‘Jobs’ chronicles the life of Steve Jobs, the co-founded of Apple. I can’t decide if want to see the movie for not. I’m loving the 70’s era fashion the trailer features, but I also feel like the trailer just showed me everything I need to see… Lets be honest – I’ll probably just end up watching it online.