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I am fortunate to be old friends with the musical mastermind behind these sweet compilations and I regularly rock out to them at work and when I’m on the road. A mix of new and old, fast-slow, electropop, remixes, you name it… its here and its fabulous. I could rave on about how sweet they are, but do yourself a favour and give one of these 18 mixes a listen. 

You can expect the likes of Bahamas, Haim, Cold War Kids, The xx, (our beloved) Chrvches and many more mossin’ tracks.



Could it be? Late night za, without the morning after regret.



IRV don’t want no scrubs…

Great remix featuring our beloved TLC soul sisters!



I can hear my university self jumping for joy at the very thought that the McDouble could possibly be the “cheapest, most nutritious and bountiful food that has ever existed in human history?” At a whooping $1.39, the amount of calories, protein, iron and so on have the best street value compared to any other fast food. I’m not a huge fan of McDonalds (excluding mornings with a level 10 hangover) and the guilt I have for treating myself definitely does not outweigh the 10 minutes of taste bud bliss, however, you have to hand it to McDonalds for setting a certain standard and delivering it 100% of the time. I’m going to stick with my salad for lunch today, but if I’m ever short on the daily caloric intake, I can depend on my McDouble to fill me up and get the biggest bang for my buck. Read the full article here.


Not to sound like a huge nerd, but Orca Whales may be the most majestic creature on the face of the earth. This documentary was heartbreaking.



I don’t know about you, but here at IRV we are jazzed as fuck for Osheaga. In a mere 4 days we will be basking in all the hipster, musical nirvana glory that is this fabulous multi-day music festival. And you better believe we’re taking it seriously. Excel sheets of the bands we want to see have been made, and our travel and accommodation plans have been booked for what feels like years. All I have to say now is BRING IT ON MONTREAL. (I’ve written a will just in case I don’t make it home…)



You know by now IRV has a strong fondest to anything travel and adventure and this short video has pushed us a hair short from quitting our jobs, packing up a knapsack and buying a one-way ticket to destination unknown. It hurts, it hurts real bad.


Slave to the working week.


I often find myself harping on Toronto for the fact that it isn’t on the coast, but all complaints aside, Toronto has a pretty rad beach. Spent the evening with some friends at woodbine beach sharing a picnic of veggies, fruit and hummus. Awesome night, and pocket book friendly, with a beauty sunset to finish it all off.



What do we think of this phenomenon? We welcome pastries of any kind with open arms and applaud anyone bringing something new to the table. This half-doughnut half-croissant has taken the world by storm…

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I’ve said it many times before… I love coming of age stories. I just get all nostalgic about high school when the world seemed so complex, unfair and unjust and how no one really understood me. Now that I’m grown up older, I love reflecting on the yonder years and how I survived those extremely impressionable days and high-fiving myself for turning out alright. This movie has it all- popular boys falling for nerdy girl. love. passion. rebelling youth. jack ass parents. angsty teens. sex. drama. draaamma. MOREEE DRAAMMMMMAAAA!!!!

All I have to say is I love the writers, the cast, the music and I cannot wait to see this movie.

“This is the youngest we are ever going to be. This is our time. Live in the now”

…. goosebumps? Yah, me too.