I’ve said it many times before… I love coming of age stories. I just get all nostalgic about high school when the world seemed so complex, unfair and unjust and how no one really understood me. Now that I’m grown up older, I love reflecting on the yonder years and how I survived those extremely impressionable days and high-fiving myself for turning out alright. This movie has it all- popular boys falling for nerdy girl. love. passion. rebelling youth. jack ass parents. angsty teens. sex. drama. draaamma. MOREEE DRAAMMMMMAAAA!!!!

All I have to say is I love the writers, the cast, the music and I cannot wait to see this movie.

“This is the youngest we are ever going to be. This is our time. Live in the now”

…. goosebumps? Yah, me too.

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