What do we think of this phenomenon? We welcome pastries of any kind with open arms and applaud anyone bringing something new to the table. This half-doughnut half-croissant has taken the world by storm…

It has been all but two months since Dominque Ansel Bakery made huge noise with the release of this sweet treat and New Yorks can’t get enough of them. How much do they love them you ask? Well they are being scalped for $40 apiece when the retail is already an outrageous $5 per pastry.

Hats off to anyone else getting in on the croissant hybrid bandwagon because if there is one thing this world needs, its more croissants. Hometown bakery Clafouti Patisserie (just south of Trinity Bellwoods park) is making a “Crookie” which essentially is an Oreo croissant and are quite scrumtrulecent. We recommend giving into temptation and to #treatyoself.


2 responses to “LEGGO MY CRONUT.

  1. I’d much rather have a donut. Or a croissant. It’s a silly trend.

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