I have a pronounced love/hate relationship with The Selfie. The more obvious reasons are why I hate them, as they follow suit with the general publics similar dislike. But the reasons I love them dig deep into my self-image as I realize I am sufficiently satisfied with my life and the way I look without having photo documented proof. Its bad enough that 98% of social media results in serious FOMO because eevvveryone’s life seems better than mine but it is the face shots that I find so unnecessary that really grind my gears. These photos have no back story, are not tied to any good times just an extraordinarily vain thought of “oh… don’t I just look fabulous today. The world should definitely know about it.” This article below left me in stitches and anyone suffering from selfie-addiction should read it to educate themselves on what the world really thinks of their duck-face-bikini-mirror selfie. 

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