A lifestyle, a mindset, a way to get by. Here at IRV we know that giving zero fucks, and having a good time isn’t going to pay the bills, but that doesn’t mean we’re resigned to letting the hours of 9-5 dictate the rest of our life. Hailing from Toronto, IRV is a couple of friends making sure they don’t let the daily grind get them down, while searching for the things that make this life unreal.

So throw on some music, call your friends, and pour yourself a drink.

I recommend vodka.

Contact us @ irecommendvodka[at]gmail.com


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  1. I’m more of a wine drinker myself, but I was known to carry a soda bottle full of vodka and lemonade back in the day–you know, last century. Stopping by to say thanks for the follow on Wine and Cheese (Doodles). When you find yourself tiring of vodka, try shoes–much less of a hangover, same gratifying buzz 😉

  2. thanks for the like over in my corner of the world…nice to see some other T.O folks around these parts…lol. Nice storm yesterday. Yeah, right. Anyway, ironic that I am commenting on blog called I recommend vodka considering that vodka was my drink non-stop and nearly did me in…Ugh. gonna check out the indie music stuff you posted – that’s always been my real drug 🙂


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