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Fall is the best time to rock some regal dos since the humidity is gone and those strands tend to be a little more corporative. We are inspired by these accessories and the DIY styles from Refinery29  and we will definitely be keeping our eye out for some interesting pieces to jazz up our pony’s.



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There is not a doubt in my mind that I would be completely happy wearing all black every day for the rest of my life. In my mind, its just the most practical and functional colour out there. I do however, take grief daily form my coworkers for the lack of colour in my wardrobe, and yes I admit that for someone with as bubbly a personality as mine, it seems a little odd. On that note, I would like to draw everyone’s attention to a recent style piece on blogTO titled “Shades of Black” – an article about how WEARING ALL BLACK IS IN THIS SEASON.

Looks like I was just ahead of the fashion curve (for once in my life). Take that!

All I have to say it, no one ever said “I can’t believe she wore black”



Although today is not your typical fall day, it still doesn’t fix my fashion dilemma… the lack of a staple fall jacket. I am in desperate need of a nice jacket that I can wear out, to work, wear on top of a blazer,that keeps me warm, that is also slightly water proof and that is under $300… is that too much to ask? I’m on the hunt for this unicorn jacket and I’m hoping that my longstanding favourite coat company Mackage will step up to the challenge. I would be proud to boast any of these jackets as I am gaga for their bold zippers, large collars and sexci leather tailoring that create an instant BABE silhouette, and take any outfit from zero to hero, 1-second flat. This MTL based company knows whats up and thats why they can charge one months rent for one of their beautiful designs. Am I willing to make the investment? Yes. Just please find me so I can stop wearing my army cargo jacket to work that soaks up rain like a dish sponge.

Suggestions are welcomed and appreciated in advance!




If you havent heard about Nasty Gal until now you may or may not be living under a rock. This online boutique total rocks and has transformed from an ebay page to a full blown fashion frenzy. It has funky, edgy, trend-inspiring looks for super cheap (the only problem is us Canadians have to pay duty on all orders which kind of blows, however worth it!). This sassy company has stayed true to its rude girl roots and the CEO, LA homegurl Sophia Amoruso,  keeps on pushing street fashion forward so quickly its hard to keep up! This company is growing at 500% annually which means big things for the future. Watch out for their  first catalog and magazine ads to be launched this month!



As Fall is fast approaching, we are getting giddy with excitement to dust off our favourite denim, boots and cutie blazers. No doubt our warebrodes will need a few new pieces to  keep us updated on all the trends and we are excited to check out two collections that are set to release this fall for Target and H&M. As we are huge supporters of affordable, fashionable clothing, these companies have partnered up with two heavy hitters in the industry to design some seriously wicked clothing, at prices that young hooligans (such as ourselves) can justifilably purchase without serious remorse.

1. (See picture above) The very talented French designer Isabel Marant collection for H&M is set to release November 14th worldwide. I imagine it will sell out very quickly as her boho-chic style is so effortless and elegant and big on attitude. Very excited to get my hands on something, maybe even the silky slip dress above… fingers crossed. 

2. Second is Philip Lim’s line for Target. This line is available to view online however the merchandise is not for sale until September 15th. These pieces are clean, simple and PERFECT for work. The clothes are idiot proof because they were made with such a small colour pallet, that everything actually goes with everything. Loving the colour blocking look below and this emerald green is super sassy. Definitely worth checking out!



20130822-221225.jpgOne of the many joys of working on the boarder of Parkdale is all the fantastic shops that I can hit on my lunch break and Common Sort is by far one of my favourites. Don’t be deceived by it’s small entrance on Queen St., this place is huge and has so many treasures just waiting to be loved again. I’ve been looking for some causal walking boots for quite some time now so when I stumbled upon these Sendra boots (yah, the ones that are handmade in Italy) for a mere $40 I felt like I hit the jack pot and after putting them on, I would be happy if I never had to take them off my feet. I also picked up a cute top for work for $16 and can’t wait to work it into my fall wardrobe.

Fall is a great time to get creative with clothing and these prices and selection can’t be beat! One weekend soon, go and check out the store and if you’re in the neighborhood, might as well pick up a taco or two at Grand Electric if your intense shop-a-thon leaves you craving some good eats.




Beyonce chopped of her luscious locks and we don’t know how we feel about it… Thoughts?



We would like to present Miss Cara Delevinge with an honorary IRV “hippest chick we wish we knew” award. It might be the dark eye brows, her wicked style or just being on every runway these days but you know you’ve made it when you are the face of the new Burberry campaign. She oozes hipster IDGAF attitude and we fully support her! Rock on Cara and keep up the wicked instagramming so we can tag along to your super-fab life (and apparently being best friends with Pharrell)



IRV loves Beyonce as does 99.999% of the human population on this planet. We could go on and on about our boodilicoius girl crush, but we will rap it up and say that boys want to get with her, and girls want to be her (Drake even wrote a song about it!) So check out her sexci sexci new cover and spread for Flaunt magazine where B only be rockin dem sparkle thingz! You go girl!


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Scott Disick knows.