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This song encourages productivity, even on a rainy Monday. Enjoy!



Since Jay Z is married to Beyonce he can do no wrong as she is angel sent from diva heaven. God I love her.

Anyways, Jay had a little private rap show (apparently my invite got lost in the mail) and he invited some of the elite art folk in the New York vicinity to bare witness to his rappers delight. Even Marina Abraovic got an invite… Art is all in the eye of the beholder however you can’t argue with the fact that this guy has got some serious swag.




Toronto – meet Collective Arts Brewing. The company, set to officially launch on September 12 is a brewing company that hopes to promote local emerging artists through their packaging. All their bottles will feature limited edition artworks by artists, musicians, filmmakers, and more, with each label series only lasting a few months. Not only that, but through the use of augmented reality, the labels literally come to life when viewed through the Blippar mobile app (my inner digital nerd is absolutely losing it right now).
Its safe to say this is one of the raddest beer companies I have ever come by, and by the looks of their inaugural art series, there are some pretty amazing things to come from this company. Huge props to Collective Arts Brewing for bringing a new spin to our beloved beloved beer.

The company is holding a launch party on September 12th at the Gladstone Hotel and I highly recommend everyone check it out! I know I will be there.



True story, we love photography and we love Toronto. So naturally when we got wind of this amazing photo movement of capturing everything between life, love, adventure (what have you), in the some of the most beautiful cities in Canada (+LA) we needed to share it with you. Maybe one day you will be lucky enough to stumble on one of these disposable cameras and participate in this soon to be global art project. Check it out and show your support by liking this Facebook page and visiting the website. 

Check out some photos below.


IRV crushin on the Disposable Camera Project


ImageThis stunning collection of photos was taken by the very talented Mark Laita on the inevitable inequality of human kind. Heavy stuff mind you, these pictures are so beautiful and challenge one to think about life & fate and the effect they have on the person you become. The power of comparing two people so radically different makes you wonder what their story is and if we were all created equal, what happen along the way. Enjoy!


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