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Last year was our first year attending the notorious food & wine expo held at the MTCC and it was quite a fun experience. It was great to try some new things; different wines pairings, some tasty grub and we even got to meet Matt and Steve, the founders of those delicious spicy beans! We could not hold back when we saw the Fireball station and spent more tickets than I would like to remember, meanwhile trying to make best friends with the promo girls for more Fireball swag (we wore it proud!). All in all, fun night, expect to drop a minimum of $50 if you want the full experience but keep in mind not to go with a big group because it is craayy busy. Cheers!



Toronto – meet Collective Arts Brewing. The company, set to officially launch on September 12 is a brewing company that hopes to promote local emerging artists through their packaging. All their bottles will feature limited edition artworks by artists, musicians, filmmakers, and more, with each label series only lasting a few months. Not only that, but through the use of augmented reality, the labels literally come to life when viewed through the Blippar mobile app (my inner digital nerd is absolutely losing it right now).
Its safe to say this is one of the raddest beer companies I have ever come by, and by the looks of their inaugural art series, there are some pretty amazing things to come from this company. Huge props to Collective Arts Brewing for bringing a new spin to our beloved beloved beer.

The company is holding a launch party on September 12th at the Gladstone Hotel and I highly recommend everyone check it out! I know I will be there.



To all the beauties out in Calgary, IRV tip our hats to you and cheers to what is probably going to be the best weekend of your summer. Table dancing at Cowboys is still awaiting the cross off from our bucket list and hopefully it will happen sooner than later.

And remember- save a horse, ride a cowboy.