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When I lose all my energy
Then I cry but I feel so free now
However far away
I will be wild like a child

This song is all kinds of amazing. Study, run, party, library… doesn’t matter, amazing. Play it a little softer for background noise or loud to encourage the wildness of the weekend (For the record: I prefer the later).

Still only Tuesday?



I am fortunate to be old friends with the musical mastermind behind these sweet compilations and I regularly rock out to them at work and when I’m on the road. A mix of new and old, fast-slow, electropop, remixes, you name it… its here and its fabulous. I could rave on about how sweet they are, but do yourself a favour and give one of these 18 mixes a listen.


You can expect the likes of Bahamas, Haim, Cold War Kids, The xx, (our beloved) Chrvches and many more mossin’ tracks.



Recently introduced to this band, Rhye has become a favorite to play in the background of doing virtually almost everything. Continue reading