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This movie is set to release just in time for the X-Mas session and is on my hit list. It won a Grand Prix at Cannes and has a pretty outstanding rating on Rotten Tomatoes and from all the buzz I’m hearing about it, a likely Oscar contender. It’s been a while sine we’ve heard from the Coen brothers and lucky for us, they have paired up with T Bone again to win over the hearts of movie and folk music buffs alike. Premiering at TIFF on December 20th, this movie is a must see! Did I forget to mention that Justin Timberlake is also apart of this cast?… yah…. a must see.



Heading out to see this new flick tonight and lucky for me one girlfriend did some serious research into what’s what at TIFF and found this amazing film. Palo Alto is the premier of Gia Coppola (yes, the Granddaughter of Francis Ford) work and I could not be more excited. I wouldn’t be upset if I bumped into James Franco in the audience and not only does he play the lead role, but this film is based on his first book of short stories about the cray world of California’s youth… should I be expecting a little Godfather meets The OC?

Is it 5 o’clock yet?



True story, we love photography and we love Toronto. So naturally when we got wind of this amazing photo movement of capturing everything between life, love, adventure (what have you), in the some of the most beautiful cities in Canada (+LA) we needed to share it with you. Maybe one day you will be lucky enough to stumble on one of these disposable cameras and participate in this soon to be global art project. Check it out and show your support by liking this Facebook page and visiting the website. 

Check out some photos below.


IRV crushin on the Disposable Camera Project



Holly dina… this movie trailer has literally left me speechless. All I can muster up is I love Spike Jonze. I love Joaquin Phoenix. And I love Scarlett Johansson.


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I’ve said it many times before… I love coming of age stories. I just get all nostalgic about high school when the world seemed so complex, unfair and unjust and how no one really understood me. Now that I’m grown up older, I love reflecting on the yonder years and how I survived those extremely impressionable days and high-fiving myself for turning out alright. This movie has it all- popular boys falling for nerdy girl. love. passion. rebelling youth. jack ass parents. angsty teens. sex. drama. draaamma. MOREEE DRAAMMMMMAAAA!!!!

All I have to say is I love the writers, the cast, the music and I cannot wait to see this movie.

“This is the youngest we are ever going to be. This is our time. Live in the now”

…. goosebumps? Yah, me too.



Live the YOLO lifestyle to the fullest like my boy Micheal Cera and you too can enter a magical realm with crystal fairies. This is an IRV obvious must see, would you like the reasons listed numerically or alphabetically? Read the Indie Wire review here. 

Summer please never leave.



Anything that JGL touches turns to gold so it is safe to say that a movie written, directed and starred in by him will be entertaining to say the least. Though we won’t be able to see this one until September, we are excited for it’s fall release and will definitely be checking it out.



Who doesn’t love a good coming of age story? Especially when is it staring comedic geniuses such as Carrel, Collette and Janney. Funny guys Jim Rash and Nat Fixon can do no wrong and as this film is being highlighted in this years Sundance Festival, we absolutely cannot wait to see it.

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Since the days of summer camp, I have always loved disposable cameras. There is something about the selectiveness with which you must take the pictures, and the excitement that comes with having them developed that has always had a special place in my heart. Continue reading