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We would like to present Miss Cara Delevinge with an honorary IRV “hippest chick we wish we knew” award. It might be the dark eye brows, her wicked style or just being on every runway these days but you know you’ve made it when you are the face of the new Burberry campaign. She oozes hipster IDGAF attitude and we fully support her! Rock on Cara and keep up the wicked instagramming so we can tag along to your super-fab life (and apparently being best friends with Pharrell)



IRV loves Beyonce as does 99.999% of the human population on this planet. We could go on and on about our boodilicoius girl crush, but we will rap it up and say that boys want to get with her, and girls want to be her (Drake even wrote a song about it!) So check out her sexci sexci new cover and spread for Flaunt magazine where B only be rockin dem sparkle thingz! You go girl!