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Although today is not your typical fall day, it still doesn’t fix my fashion dilemma… the lack of a staple fall jacket. I am in desperate need of a nice jacket that I can wear out, to work, wear on top of a blazer,that keeps me warm, that is also slightly water proof and that is under $300… is that too much to ask? I’m on the hunt for this unicorn jacket and I’m hoping that my longstanding favourite coat company Mackage will step up to the challenge. I would be proud to boast any of these jackets as I am gaga for their bold zippers, large collars and sexci leather tailoring that create an instant BABE silhouette, and take any outfit from zero to hero, 1-second flat. This MTL based company knows whats up and thats why they can charge one months rent for one of their beautiful designs. Am I willing to make the investment? Yes. Just please find me so I can stop wearing my army cargo jacket to work that soaks up rain like a dish sponge.

Suggestions are welcomed and appreciated in advance!



Arcade Fire, we love you and we’ve missed you. IRV has been counting down the days until 9/9/9 Reflektor released date and these guys did not disappoint. This modern day disco track is creating a need for a dance party but you know you are going to have some bumping beats when Bowie is on guest vocals… All I ask is that you play a show in Toronto soon, but I will come to Montreal if you make me…

Album drops Oct 29th.



True story, we love photography and we love Toronto. So naturally when we got wind of this amazing photo movement of capturing everything between life, love, adventure (what have you), in the some of the most beautiful cities in Canada (+LA) we needed to share it with you. Maybe one day you will be lucky enough to stumble on one of these disposable cameras and participate in this soon to be global art project. Check it out and show your support by liking this Facebook page and visiting the website. 

Check out some photos below.


IRV crushin on the Disposable Camera Project



I don’t know about you, but here at IRV we are jazzed as fuck for Osheaga. In a mere 4 days we will be basking in all the hipster, musical nirvana glory that is this fabulous multi-day music festival. And you better believe we’re taking it seriously. Excel sheets of the bands we want to see have been made, and our travel and accommodation plans have been booked for what feels like years. All I have to say now is BRING IT ON MONTREAL. (I’ve written a will just in case I don’t make it home…)




CHikka Chikka Yeaaaahhhhhhhhh