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I like to foster a positive environment on IRV however there are somethings in life I just cannot support, and nail art is one of them. I completely understand that painted nails are seen as a “statement” or part of an outfit and can totally boost ones confidence while rocking obnoxious hues, however, this new trend of nail fart art blows my mind.

This leads into a very interesting debate of whether females get all primped up for themselves or for boyz… Well if it’s the later, I’m almost positive they do not care… They will not notice the one accent nail covered in sparkles with a hot pink french tip or the fact you’ve filed them into talons… which seems to be the newest nail trend. On second thought, they probably will notice and think you’re staring as Edward in the upcoming Scissors Hands remake.

But who knows? Maybe I’m just not trendy enough to be on the fancy-nail bandwagon but every time I see a picture of someones pedicure on insta/facebook/whathaveyou, I am slightly embarrassed for my female gender.