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This movie is set to release just in time for the X-Mas session and is on my hit list. It won a Grand Prix at Cannes and has a pretty outstanding rating on Rotten Tomatoes and from all the buzz I’m hearing about it, a likely Oscar contender. It’s been a while sine we’ve heard from the Coen brothers and lucky for us, they have paired up with T Bone again to win over the hearts of movie and folk music buffs alike. Premiering at TIFF on December 20th, this movie is a must see! Did I forget to mention that Justin Timberlake is also apart of this cast?… yah…. a must see.



Since Jay Z is married to Beyonce he can do no wrong as she is angel sent from diva heaven. God I love her.

Anyways, Jay had a little private rap show (apparently my invite got lost in the mail) and he invited some of the elite art folk in the New York vicinity to bare witness to his rappers delight. Even Marina Abraovic got an invite… Art is all in the eye of the beholder however you can’t argue with the fact that this guy has got some serious swag.