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Visited Destingo last night with some old work friends and while the company couldn’t have been beat, the food left a lot to be desired. While the majority of our table indulged in pasta, I opted out for an arrugala pizza (which is my favourite of all time) and grilled calamari and was by no means impressed. I was however full, unlike some of my other friends who received very small portions of pasta (at Destingo’s, apps are a must!) and the waitress was unsure of which pasta was made in house which gave us all a very uneasy feeling of what was to come. I can appreciate that good Italian food is simple and focuses on the beauty of fresh ingredients but my crew had an unanimous decision that this food was borderline bland. Positives- the location and atmosphere could not be beat and had nice serving staff.
No one hated their dinner, but no one loved it, and no ones bill was under $30.



So everyone and their Uncle is talking about Rock Lobster and after going out for dinner on Tuesday for a celebratory back-to-school dinner, it’s not hard to see why. The seafood was out-of-this-world fresh, the atmosphere inviting and electric and the staff was more than hospitable, resulting in an insta favourite. The cocktail list looked sensational with most drinks requiring a special twist or homemade touch alas our starter course consistent of oysters ($2.25/e) so I opted out for a Guinness. For my main, I got 2 lobster tacos ($5/e) and my sister got the lobster roll ($14) and both were simple yet delicious and highlighted the fresh Atlantic lobster. Sure it was busy, yah okay it was crowded, however this place defines “hot spot” and with food this good, it’s worth any wait. There are two locations; the original one on Ossington and their new shop on Queen just east of Bathurst. Looking forward to going back!



True story, we love photography and we love Toronto. So naturally when we got wind of this amazing photo movement of capturing everything between life, love, adventure (what have you), in the some of the most beautiful cities in Canada (+LA) we needed to share it with you. Maybe one day you will be lucky enough to stumble on one of these disposable cameras and participate in this soon to be global art project. Check it out and show your support by liking this Facebook page and visiting the website. 

Check out some photos below.


IRV crushin on the Disposable Camera Project



Anyone in Toronto this Friday who likes The Wooden Sky should absolutely check out this awesome event. Continue reading


I often find myself harping on Toronto for the fact that it isn’t on the coast, but all complaints aside, Toronto has a pretty rad beach. Spent the evening with some friends at woodbine beach sharing a picnic of veggies, fruit and hummus. Awesome night, and pocket book friendly, with a beauty sunset to finish it all off.



What do we think of this phenomenon? We welcome pastries of any kind with open arms and applaud anyone bringing something new to the table. This half-doughnut half-croissant has taken the world by storm…

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This is a GENIUS idea. We’ve all spent an hour relaying in detail all the hilarious details of a blind date to our friends… so why not bring them with you?!? Grouper pairs groups of three friends, with another group of three to go on a group blind date, or a “Grouper”. It just recently became available, and sounds like a hilarious time all around. Sign IRV up ASAP.